Welcome to BodyUp! Personal Training (Body Up Personal Training)

- fitness with confidence!

We keep it simple! Training should be part of your day like is breathing, eating or sleeping.
No fancy machines, gym membership, or complicated programmes to follow. If you never felt that gym was the right environment for you, Bodyup! Personal Training is the way to go. Start your so needed strength training in a very productive and positive way.

Proper nutrition, the right exercises within your limits and a positive mindset are the real key for success. 

We have many training program options to fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Clients Highlights:

Ilze and Anne practising the Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention Program:

KB low range squat. Great from by Di (over 50/  1 on 1 session)

Trainer Highlights:

Bodyup! PT Dani getting ready for the 2.2k from Warriewood to Mona Vale ocean swim Jan/2017

Bodyup! Personal Trainer Dani practising Yang Tai Chi by the Ocean at Florianópolis - April 2016/ Brazil