Online Personal Training

Imagine training with a PT in your home or any other place of your choice? You can save an enormous amount of time and money, and keep your fitness goals on track with our super affordable online packages.

Who's it for?

People that has limited amount of time in their days. Ideal for mums with small babies at home that want to quickly get back into shape , busy corporate people on the go, gym haters or anyone that wants to achieve a more productive day! Put your baby to sleep (or not!), make your own schedule for training, we will cater the sessions for you to achieve your fitness goals within your own abilities. We will advise on nutrition and keep you motivation high.
the good thing is you can decide the frequency of your training depending on your budget, commitment and motivation needs.
You can schedule your own session. Just go to our timetable sign in  and wait for our phone call! 

This program is under construction. Contact trainer for more details on the pricing!