" Fantastic Motivator" - Ilze Svenne ( Tai Chi class participant)

Dear Dani,

Just a note to let you know how much I have appreciated your Tai Chi classes. You are a fantastic motivator, patiently encouraging me to persevere, gently reminding me to get the movements right. Your demonstrations of the movements were always clear and precise  -  and a joy to watch.
I am very sorry to see you disappear to the other side of our great continent.  But I wish you well in your new endeavour. I will always think of you as I take in a deep breath on our deck in the morning and go through the forms you have taught me.

Warm, warm good wishes


"Dani was my saviour ": Steve Stoyan

"As someone who has battled with obesity most of my life, I had experienced several personal trainers who helped me lose weight from 118kgs to 108kgs over a 2 year period. I always worked hard in the gym and could never realise why my I wasn't getting results that I yearned.

Dani was my saviour.  She helped me lose 20kgs over an 18 month period and it was due to her unique background of food science, martial arts, swimming and personal training that she had the knowledge on how best to assess and respond to my needs. Attitude was everything and she taught me how to improve my mental fitness as well as physical.

Dani didn’t behave like other personal trainers; more like my personal sports coach. Her passion for my success ensured that she had an invested interest in how I performed in and out of the gym. We set several goals around diet, cardio, strength and conditioning to improve my overall fitness and to lose weight. Her facts on nutrition, food diary and alcohol were of major benefit – information I had not received in such detail from other trainers.

After 12 months of achieving my gym goals she gave me the confidence to set myself new challenges.  Firstly was a competitive 12 km run, followed by the Sydney Half Marathon – distances I never thought I could finish. After completing these I needed to set myself a new challenge. Having never closed the chapter on my amateur AFL-career, we decided a comeback after 6 years was imminent, so we tailored the training to meet those requirements. To build on my dynamic core strength, I also joined her group circuit training sessions which were extremely beneficial and fun, with a great social aspect.
Overall, Dani has become a great friend. She is a very compassionate trainer who knows how to push you to your limit to ensure you get fast, sustainable results. I would definitely recommend Dani to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or who wants sports specific training, in a friendly and safe environment

Weighing in at 88kgs is something I would never had achieved without Dani's influence in my life and I am forever grateful. In April this year, I hope to play my first of many AFL games, aged 31.

Thank you Dani for helping me become a new, wiser person who has the energy to live life to its fullest"

Steve before-and-after!

"Her sessions are fun, varied, focused and economical": Berni Joubert

"Looking for the best ever personal trainer on the northern beaches of Sydney? Then BodyUp! is it. Daniela is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and presents with loads of experience. She's extremely good at working with clients recovering from injury or suffering from specific health conditions. Her professional manner and sunny disposition makes her a truly sought-after PT. 

She's always happy to share her wealth of tips on nutrition and weight-loss at no extra cost. Her sessions are fun, varied, focused and economical. I have been training with BodyUp! since February 2011 and highy recommend this service to anyone interested in improving their health and/or body image"
Berni before-and-after!

"Dani made it easy to lose the weight": Katie Page

"I have been training with Dani since May of 2014 and since then, I’ve lost 13.5kg and have gotten much stronger.  I have three children ages 6, 4 and 2 and have struggled losing the extra weight after each pregnancy.  With Dani's physical training along with her extensive nutrition knowledge, she made it easy to lose the weight and keep it off.  She has such a great outlook on life and it’s not just about weight loss but life balance and what is best for her clients.  I needed weight loss but I'm now at the point where I need to maintain and continue keeping my nutrition balanced.  Her training sessions are fun, thoroughly explained and vary each time I go.

I love my sessions with Dani and look forward to them each week.  She’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy going.  I would recommend BodyUp! to everyone."
Katie before-and-after

"Her friendly, compassionate, dedicated, enthusiastic nature has made getting healthier easier": Kristy Napier

"Daniela from Body Up! personal training is simply wonderful. Her direct no-nonsense approach has been the perfect solution to the tangle I had gotten my health and fitness into. Without intimidation, hype or pushing anything but the establishment of good habits, Daniela has worked with me since August 2011. She has managed training around my work and home life, even accommodating my two small children into our sessions during school holidays! Her friendly, compassionate, dedicated, enthusiastic nature has made getting healthier easier than I would've thought possible. 

Don't waste any more time, if you are thinking about personal training.. just call her :)"

"Incredibly motivating, encouraging, caring and fun style of training": Robyn Komesarook

"[At the time when I was] a single mum of a young teenager and therefore the time I had to dedicate to maintaining some level of fitness was fairly limited.

Up until I met Daniela my weekly fitness consisted of the occasional class at Fitness First and a powerwalk once or twice through the week.

I found the atmosphere at the gym sterile, impersonal and dull and not something that I looked forward to at all. Due to this fact my attendance would not be consistent and I was not benefiting or achieving any results. I also found that unless I could afford a personal trainer to direct /correct my posture whilst exercising( during classes or using weights/ machines) that not only would I strain a muscle, but  I was not achieving any results and therefore wasting my time.

Daniela’s 45 minute circuit training sessions twice a week in conjunction with a run/walk once or twice a week in my own time had achieved results in 6 short months.

Now after 2 years her classes for myself and a small group of women  (maximum 6 ) have become a natural and enjoyable part of life. Due to the small numbers and the cosy gym setting Daniela is able to monitor our posture precisely so that we obtain  maximum benefit, almost like having our own personal trainer for a fraction of the price

Her classes always vary with respect to the range of exercises( and fabulous music!) she offers so each class is different and challenging. Not only do we benefit from Danielas’ knowledge expertise and experience but it is also her incredibly motivating, encouraging,  caring  and fun style of training that make her classes a joy to attend."

"Daniela greatly helped achieve my aim to do something positive towards my health": Monica Bellot

"Health and fertility are closely linked. Everyone knows that one way to improve your health is to have a healthy balance between what you eat and how you exercise. Knowing that you are doing something good about yourself also improves your state of mind. This is where Daniela comes in. After 3 years of trying to conceive I decided to do something positive towards my health and Daniela greatly helped achieve that aim; combining an exercise program with a sensible diet I believe she really did help make Michelle, our new daughter, all the more possible."

"Dani with her energy, vibe and love for Fitness and knowledge taught me how to like and enjoy fitness": Shirley Nagau

"The time I started training with Dani I had a 2.5 year old and a 4 months baby. I was overweight, tired and unhappy. Most of Dani's clients were with her at least 3 years. Of course I was terrified and scared to fail but I gave myself a chance. The group were so supportive and focus I enjoyed it time I was with them. Thanks GIRLS YOU ROCK!!

Now 18 months has passed and I'm Happy, Fit and Healthy.

Dani with her energy, vibe,love for Fitness and knowledge taught me how to like and enjoy fitness. Today I cannot live without it. I thank you Dani for that!!

I don't have to say that I highly recommend Dani Boksjo as a Personal Trainer."